Business Solutions

Let us be your IT Department

Technology has changed the way we do business. Most of all every business has faced change and there are more changes coming. Because it is hard enough to keep up with industry trends, let alone technology, you need a reliable business partner that understands business solutions, computer networks.
PEMU works closely with local small businesses to provide reliable business solutions for computer networks. We understand your budget concerns and work with you develop pricing structures that fit your business and cash flow.
PEMU has four qualified techs that each have a unique area of expertise and are cross trained so that we always have a tech ready to serve your needs.
Business Solutions, Computer Networks
By outsourcing your IT and computer network support to Pemu, you can have reliable up time, antivirus protection, secure backups, on demand help desk, web security, mobility, and social media support, all in a partner that understands business solutions, computer networks. As a result, Pemu becomes your IT department, we work on a monthly budget, so you can keep your costs predictable and under control.
Take IT “off your plate”
PEMU takes IT “off your plate” so you can focus on what you do best. As a result we provide three things business solutions for computer networks needs:

System Design
Management and Support